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Contemporary Crafts Competition 2024

Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities recognizes the heritage wealth of Bahrain and its unique visual elements. With influences from the land, the sea, the farms and the people, Bahrain celebrates a diversity of handicrafts that provided the essential needs of the previous generations and is still providing inspiration to the new ones.

The Contemporary Crafts Competition is announced to coincide with the World Creativity and Innovation Day, a day observed every year on April 21 to create awareness about the importance of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development. The day was adopted by a resolution of the United Nations (U.N.) and designated for April 21 in 2018.

The goals of our competition is the promotion of the industrial design culture and aesthetics of interior objects and modern methods of working with natural materials. The competition aims to explore possible designs and to understand aesthetic and functional qualities of works of art/design. By taking into consideration Form, Function and Ergonomics, we encourage more "innovative, natural, sustainable and versatile" submissions.

This second edition takes the form of an open call, inviting Bahrainis, regional, and international artisans, designers and artists to conceptualize premium retail products and VIP gifts. Entries are accepted from artisans, artists, architects, interior designers, product designers, graphic designers, digital designers and any designers of all background to submit their creative works, whether they are companies, teams/collectives, innovators, manufacturers, suppliers, freelancers, hobbyists or students.

Bahraini crafts to be highlighted are: Pottery, Textile Weaving, Palm fronds weaving & basketry, Traditional Chests making and traditional carpentry, Coffee Pots making and metal-smithing, traditional embroidery and dress-making, Bahraini Dhows and Ships and finally crafts relating to the sea.

Submissions must reflect Bahraini Heritage and Handicrafts, whether in the concept development, use of materials (which is encouraged) or applying traditional techniques to the production process. Submissions should also reflect research, data collected and design process. Registration is open for four months and the winners will be announced in September.


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