Fun Activities

Fun Activities

The Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities, keen to provide a wide variety of educational materials to the all-communities, has always promoted inspirational multifaceted learning tools in its cultural activities and festivals organized throughout the year.

BACA’s outreach endeavor, along with the ongoing cultural activities and events, is part of its social responsibility aimed at developing children’s and youth skills, especially in arts, culture, heritage and crafts.

This section provides all educational and learning working materials and activities presented by the Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities to be developed as an open educational resource platform gateway.



Art & Archaeology Learn more about the musuem's collection of art and archeology through this fun activity    
Bahrain Annual Fine Art Exhibition

Fun activities to explore the 42nd Annual Fine Art Exhibition


Heritage Festival

 A fun booklet to explore Bahrain’s Rich Heritage


Music Festival

Learn all about music from all over the world  

Endangered Birds

Let’s look closer at birds in their natural environment through this fun activity booklet


Cuneiform writing

Have fun learning how to write in Cuneiform

Scavenger Hunt

Complete the text


Get to know about the common civil and military aviation history between Bahrain and Britain through this fun activity  


Get to know about the royal historical costumes of Indian heritage through this fun activity  


Design your Own Freesa with the simplest Tools: a popular heritage and authentic Bahraini heritage, the prey takes the form of a horse. Children and young people wear them on the half-night of Ramdan, dancing with heritage songs.   


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