The Annual
Fine Arts Exhibition

The Annual Fine Arts Exhibition

The Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition
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In continuation of the trajectory of the arts scene in Bahrain, the annual fine arts exhibition continues its conquest of the traditional visual boundaries and transcend limits by mixing colours with thoughts, brushes with love of the open-ended spaces. Held  under the patronage of the Prime Minister, HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa. since 1972, the exhibition  philosophy is free of any particular title or artistic direction, artists ‘contributions every year have been encouraged to be as spontaneous and uninhibited as possible in order to allow for a wide-ranging artistic and cultural debate, unconfined by any formal restrictions or boundaries. Full artistic expression is showcased unhindered for local audiences.

What was first established in 1972 has now evolved into a popular yearly gathering of artists, from all over the country, all eager to show off their talents and work completed so far throughout their careers . Every year, the fine arts exhibition acts as an innovative form for debate in which the different artistic monologues will have an exclusive opportunity to communicate according to the forms chosen, from calligraphy to surrealism and abstract and modernist representations to more traditional cultural expressions. Representing an opportunity to highlight different schools of thought, artists’ perceptions and ideological backgrounds  are asked to evoke freely in order to instigate a dialogue about pluralism and artistic visions, experiences and expressions.