Dilmun Burials Game

Dilmun Burials Game

A learning tool that was developed to invite children aged 7 to 12 to learn about the Burial Mounds of Bahrain and explore their inner archaeologists. The interactive educational game includes the identification of burial mounds types and classification of artefacts from the collections of the Bahrain National Museum.


The first game: The Burial Mounds
Look at the existing pictures (Royal Burial Mounds, Tribal Chiefs' burial mounds, Traditional Burial Mounds). Try to search for each of them in the Burial Mounds game by clicking on them, and you will also discover useful information about these Dilmunian mounds.


The second game: the Archaeological Excavation game
The tomb contains Dilmun and non-Dilmun artifacts, drag the artifacts and place them in the correct location.


The third game: the Classification game
There are names of artifacts and useful information about them, you have to put the name of the appropriate artifact next to each picture.


The fourth game: The Match game
Find the matching picture, good luck.


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