A new space that aims to offer a multidisciplinary platform fostering creativity and knowledge through various forms of interaction. Based in the heart of a natural reserve, this unique location overlooking Arad Bay has an immediate social presence through its diverse community, offering an audience from various walks of life. This joint initiative between the Supreme Council of Environment, and Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities allows this space to act as a hub for culture, arts and knowledge, through a wide range of activities and programs that engage the public.


STUDIO 244 aims to raise awareness and vitality of communities by improving their access to culture and arts. Using the main studio space as a focal point for diverse programs, and two other spaces that will foster the growth of artists through a one-year long art residency program. Focused on the creation, and the curating of programs within the public realm, the space is a dynamic liaison between artists, urban developers, environmentalists, and community members, to create these cultural programs, community activities and artworks that achieve our shared goals.


Recognizing art & culture as undeniable tools for progress and inspiration, STUDIO 244 will foster this cultural exchange and highlight a diversity of themes and messages to enrich and inspire our communities.