Made in Bahrain

Traditional handicrafts are one of the most important elements of the intangible heritage, an exceptional material investment considering that each reproduction is unique depending on social, geographical, environmental eco-systematic factors. Cultural institutions are moving towards sustaining handicrafts, protecting them from extinction and preserving these crafts as core elements of national heritage. 

Through the “Made in Bahrain” initiative, the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities revisits the visual and functional identity of Bahraini handmade products as a cultural expression that has stood the test of time and is reflective of national identity.



  • To launch a visual identity for the local crafts and creative industries.
  • To highlight the importance of crafts and handmade products as a part of the Bahraini identity.
  • To education the audience on the different local crafts and their role in the social/communities’ development.
  • To introduce elements of modernity and sustainability to the local handmade product and promote it locally and internationally.
  • To provide support to the local craftsmen and creative industry practitioners.


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