Knowledge Transfer

About the Project and Its objectives

The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities launched the “Knowledge Transfer Project” to fill the need for the transfer of human knowledge in a conscious, well-planned, and sound way. Moreover, openness to various forms of knowledge and other civilizations is something for which Bahrain and its people have long been known for. It is in fact an integral part of its social and cultural history. This project, in effect, serves as an affirmation for deep-rooted Bahraini values, as well as an invitation to exchange knowledge and expertise, and engage in inter-cultural dialogue on an international scale.


The project's objectives:

 The project has clearly defined the goals it seeks to achieve, which are:


1) To contribute to the transfer of knowledge to the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab world by way of translation that reflects our real needs and fundamental priorities in an accurate and honest way. In doing so, it provides translated books as reliable reference materials to researchers, students, and readers in general; while at the same time, contributes to the advancement of the Arabic language and its terminology.

2) To contribute to the exchange of knowledge and expertise, especially between young Arab and European researchers in the fields of humanities, social sciences, and the arts.

3) To support intercultural dialogue in order to deepen understanding, and to correct any inaccurate images, ideas, and preconceptions that may exist.

4) To contribute to highlighting the cultural and intellectual openness of the Kingdom of Bahrain on both the Arab and international levels.