Bahrain Authority
for Culture and Antiquities

Oral History

An initiative aiming to revive distinctive elements of Bahrain's culture and rich heritage through "Oral History” which records the testimony of leading national figures in the fields of culture, heritage, arts, music, literature and archeology. Recording memoirs in a person’s own voice is not only a way to document personal statements, contributions and recollections for generations to come but also to shed light on a period of time in the collective memory of a nation.

Hassan S. Kamal
Mohammed Jamal
Ibrahim Habib
Abdulla M. Al-Khan
Dr. Dalal A. Al-Sherouqi
Dr. Abdulla Y. Al-Hawaj
Aisha Khalifa Mattar
Ibrahim Bin Khalifa Mattar
Jassim Mohammed Bin Harban
AbdulRahman Musameh
Aqeel Swar